stephen santillan

Work Samples

western from the golden age song cycle
this was a piece written, in collaboration with emmanuel nicolaidis, for an art opening at the current gallery in 2007. with the help of a bopa grant we were able to hire peabody students to help perform this. this was part of a 4 piece song cycle attempting to bridge a gap between pop music and classical song cycles.
ghost life performance from february, 2014.
beat the heavenly drum
soundtrack written to accompany eamon espey's book of the same title. a cd of this piece will be included in copies of his book. completed in october, 2014.
2 excerpts from the second half of the song cycle


ghost life, 2009 to present

relay song cycle, may 2014 to november 2015

oh hang, 2013 to present

central fire, september 2015 to present

collaborations with comic book artist, eamon espey, 2012-2014

music for other people's projects, 2007 to present

golden age, 2007 to 2008

more dogs, 2000 to 2006

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