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The Ghosts That Surrounded Them
The Ghosts That Surrounded Them is a novel forthcoming from Nashville's Dig That Book Co. in April 2015. Cover design by Michael J. Seidlinger. "Timmy Reed has a strange and wonderful imagination, one of the results of which is the beautifully haunted world of The Ghosts That Surrounded Them, a short novel that reads like a fake handbook of the world with a particular emphasis on the fascinatinghistory of ghosts and reminds the reader of the inescapable tragedy of the human condition." -Michael Kimball author of Big Ray and Dear Everybody 'Timmy Reed, in the vein of Matt Bell and Blake Butler, is the literary world's next exciting wordsmith, but it is the tender care of his subjects--fragile, human ones--for which he will really be remembered." -Jen Michalski, author of The Tide King and Could You Be With Her Now "Reminiscent of Shane Jones and Kevin Brockmeier, but with a style all its own, Timmy Reed’s The Ghosts That Surrounded Them is a history of the unseen world, a beautifully written surreal meditation on life and death, the distances that surround us all, and the beauty of life. Reed is a real talent. I devoured this book in a single sitting, and it stayed with me like few others." -CL Bledsoe, author of Man of Clay
Miraculous Fauna
A hagiographic road trip novel detailing the lives of a fictional teenage mother and her stillborn yet miraculously animated daughter as they spend their lives searching for the meaning of sainthood. Out in late March 2016 from Underground Voices Press in Los Angeles. “Miraculous Fauna is nothing less than a miracle of a novel: beautifully strange and richly moving. Timmy Reed continues to create worlds that I long to get lost in, and this novel is no exception. Start reading, and soon you’ll want to get lost in Miraculous Fauna too.” – Laura van den Berg, author of Isle of Youth and Find Me “No one writes like Timmy Reed; he has a haunting, unique voice that sticks hard and fast in your head. Miraculous Fauna is freaky in the very best way. You’ll glide straight through to the tender and enchanting end.” – Jessica Anya Blau, author of The WonderBread Summer and Drinking Closer to Home “Very few authors can make me sincerely say awwww after one sentence, then giggle in the next. The magic in Miraculous Fauna does this within celebrity-culture-infatuated backdrop that takes the reader inside and outside the experience of reality.” – Tracy Dimond, author of I Want Your Tan and Sorry I Wrote So Many Sad Poems Today "Timmy Reed’s sense of detail and description astounds me and makes me jealous, that he threads so much of that through this Miraculous Fauna is nothing short of, well, miraculous. Baby Rachel is a beautiful monster and the novel is full of great compassion. Miraculous Fauna is one of the most fantastic and one of the most fucked up novels I’ve read in years." - Michael Kimball, author of Big Ray, Us, and Dear Everybody
A novella forthcoming in Fall 2016 from Outpost 19 Books in San Francisco. Synopsis: In Timmy Reed's novella, IRL, a lonely social media addict, unemployed and short on rent, logs off and shuts down in the middle of an ugly job search. Alone in mid-town Baltimore, where he's mostly been online, he takes a little stay-vacation. Just little time off, in real life. See what he can get his hands into, see what he can dig up...
Star Backwards
A satirical novel set in Los Angeles and north Baltimore circa the the early 2000's. Forthcoming in Summer 2016 from Dostoyevsky Wannabe Press in England.


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