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Truth & Story, Vlog #1: I'm a Hiker

The first episode of Truth & Story, Pamela Woolford's weekly vlog of mini-memoir and good vibes.

Artist Statement for Meditations on a Marriage

Video artist statement for Meditations on a Marriage, a multidiscipline memoir, a book and short film. The book will be a collection of vignettes about Woolford’s tumultuous interracial relationship with her composer husband, who was emotionally abusive and showed signs of mental illness. Woolford was a Tucson Festival of Books Literary Awards finalist and longlisted for the Fish Publishing Short Memoir Prize for excerpts. (Video writing, direction, sound design, and voice-over by Pamela Woolford. Cinematography by Denee Barr. Color edits by David Hester. Sound edits by Tokyo Cigar.)

Meditations on a Marriage Book Proposal with 65 Sample Pages

"Six months into my marriage to composer Joseph Morton (not his real name), he, out of the blue, berated me for taking a break while writing an email he asked me to write as a favor. I was astonished and confused. Six months after that I had the thought that he might kill me. His escalating verbal assaults and mental abuse left me with that much fear. Yet even after he drove me out of our home on New Year's Day 2015 with two days of back-to-back rages, what I wanted more than anything was to have the man I fell in love with back. After little more than a year with him, I had become someone I didn't recognize. I was 46 when we married, and it was my first marriage partially because I am cautious, logical, and independent. How did this happen to me? Verbal and mental abuse are insidious in the way they slowly turn a person inside out, in my case making me question my own logic and intuition and long for the man who was abusing me. Meditations on a Marriage is the story of the love I shared with a fellow artist of a different background (I am black and from the planned integrated town of Columbia, Maryland, and he is white and from a nearly all-white town in New Jersey), my surprising but not atypical reaction to his abuse and manipulation, and his psychological challenges, as he exhibited signs of having a personality disorder."

I hope to tell the truth in a way that does not bow to fear, whether fear of my own thoughts or fear of the thoughts of others, so that I can take life's unsavory bits along with the lovely bits and lay them bare in the openness of a page. In so doing I endeavor to turn my particular space in the world into a source of communing, reaching beyond the particular to touch the lives of others.



  • Proposed Cover Art for Meditations on a Marriage

    The author’s torso held in her husband’s arms on the day of their wedding. She wears her late father’s watch, the blue-faced timepiece her something old, borrowed, and blue. The watch her husband wears is the first gift she gave him, for his birthday three months before their wedding. Photo by Carolyn Greer.
  • Coffee

    "Coffee" by Pamela Woolford
    "Coffee" is a flash nonfiction excerpt from Meditations on a Marriage edited as a standalone piece and appears in Eunoia Review. It's been shared on social media more than 120 times. To read "Coffee," click on the link above.
  • Dog

    "Dog" by Pamela Woolford
    "Dog" is a flash nonfiction excerpt from Meditations on a Marriage edited as a standalone piece and appears in Eunoia Review. To read "Dog," click on the link above.

Here I Am Looking

“Here I Am Looking” is an example of Pamela Woolford’s creative nonfiction work. It is memoir which can be described as a flash photo essay. “Here I Am Looking” currently appears in the literary journal Eunoia Review and had been shared nearly 200 times on social media just prior to the Women's March on Washington. Click here for the full piece:

Just After Supper

Pamela Woolford’s love of storytelling began in childhood, listening to her mother’s stories of growing up in rural North Carolina in the '30s, '40s, and ‘50s. It was these tales that inspired Woolford to write her short story “Just After Supper” and create the character Mable as an homage to her mom. “Just After Supper” appears in the literary publication Origins Journal and has been nominated for a 2017 Pushcart Prize by novelist and Pushcart Prize editor Mark Wisniewski. Click here for the full piece:

Pleasant People

“Pleasant People” is a short story by Pamela Woolford. This piece explores facades of American society, walls between races, and a connection between two women stretching even beyond the grave. “Pleasant People” originally appeared in the anthology Amazing Graces (Paycock Press, 2012) and has been republished on the short-story website Alfie Dog Fiction, for which it is nominated for a 2017 Pushcart Prize. Click here to download a PDF of the full piece:


“Threshold” is the first story in Pamela Woolford’s novel-in-stories Taking One’s Life, which she began writing while married to her emotionally abusive husband, who was suicidal. The title Taking One’s Life is a reference to both suicide and considering one’s life. “Threshold” made Woolford a Rick DeMarinis Short Fiction Contest semifinalist at Cutthroat, A Journal of the Arts. “Threshold” also won Woolford admittance to the weeklong writing workshop Life Stories, Real and Imagined, sponosored by the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown and led by author and PEN/Faulkner Foundation president Richard McCann. Woolford’s current book project, Meditations on A Marriage: A Memoir of Our Year and a Half, grew out of the McCann workshop. “Threshold” is currently available for publication. Please contact the author at for more information.

This Is What Happened

“This Is What Happened” is the first memoir Pamela Woolford ever wrote, and she writes it unconventionally in the third person. After witnessing an incident that caused her father severe brain damage and led to his death in 2012, Woolford began suffering PTSD symptoms and found she could not write for about a year until she began to write “This Is What Happened,” her sometimes tender, sometimes funny story of finding her way back from tragedy. This piece appears in the literary journal Map Literary: A Journal of Contemporary Writing and Art. Click here for the full piece:


“Night” is a short story excerpted from Pamela Woolford’s longer work Sleep, which is a portrait of three interconnected people one fairly sleepless night. It explores each character's past, present, and future. Predominately set in two bedrooms, Sleep is an exploration of the human spirit and connectivity found in ordinary lives. It takes place in an unnamed city, and characteristics of the protagonists go unlabeled, including age, race, and physical features. Sleep examines subtle meaning in actions between people, symbolism in life, and suspense in the everyday. It is also an exploration of the relationship between longing and peace and a celebration of beauty in the quotidian.

“I believe her novel-in-progress, Sleep, will one day afford her the acclaim that comes to few first novelists,” Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Edward P. Jones writes, “The novel is a sensitive and thorough exploration of the lives of three people—quite specific in the details and characterization of those three, but universal because Pamela’s artistry opens a window to allow us to view ourselves, our loved ones, our neighbors in those three people. Sleep is a precious piece of work and deserves a wide audience.”

“Night” is currently available for publication. Please contact the author at for more information.

Interview with Pamela Woolford for The Creative Outsiders

Pamela Woolford is featured in a Q-and-A article on the female-centered filmmaker website The Creative Outsiders. "I’m a writer. That’s it in a nutshell. If you want the long version: I write fiction and creative nonfiction, screenplays, literary journalism, journalism journalism, and once upon a time I had poetry published. I’m an artist: a writer but also a dancer and filmmaker, a creator—whatever form that creation takes...." Click here for the full interview:

Dedicate Your No Trump Vote

Pamela Woolford was one of the first writers published on the Dedicate Your No Trump Vote website. Click here to read this example of Woolford's literary journalism in its entirety:

  • Dedicate Your No Trump Vote

    Image of Pamela Woolford's Dedicate Your No Trump Vote piece on the website
    Pamela Woolford's Dedicate Your No Trump Vote piece was published along side that of bestselling novelist Jodi Picoult and award-winning poet Erin Belieu. To read this piece in its entirety, click on the link above.


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