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Stephen Hendee is a sculptor who builds objects inspired by digital culture, speculative fiction, and architecture. His work has been exhibited at PS.1 Contemporary Art Center, The New Museum, Sculpture Center, and The Whitney Museum Of American Art at Altria. Recent awards include a 2014 Maryland State Art Council Artist Award in Sculpture.


Installation at Goucher College Silber Gallery

The Ice Next Time: Textiles and Artifacts from Dark age North America (2026-2280)

“The Ice Next Time” is a world building, speculative exhibition of textiles and crafts from our near future. In this imagined future, the world economy has collapsed, fueled by a recognized natural threat unleashed by the Sun. Ignored by industrialized nations, the events that unfold are depicted in textiles, clothing and artifacts, with explanatory panels providing a narrative of doom, social upheaval, and civilization’s eventual return. The deck of society is reshuffled and the new heroes who emerge tell unheard of stories of survival, presenting a struggle for equality and power that many will understand.

The objects that comprise this ongoing traveling exhibition project from 2010-2016 cover 40 individual works for display, including didactic text with the potential for performance and video components. An accompanying catalog is in the works.

The exhibition has been show thus far at: 2016 DEMO Project, Springfield, IL 2014 
Mercer College Art Gallery, MCCC, Trenton, NJ
 2012 SiTE:LAB @ the Grand Rapids Public Museum, MI 2010 The Barrick Museum, Las Vegas, NV
  • Dark Age North America

    THE 26TH MAYOR OF CHICAGO (2056-2210) This “Mayor of Chicago” is a scepter of power handed down from the first warlords. In the time since the chaos of the Fall, this symbolic cane has changed from its presence as an actual shotgun, to a more ceremonial but, just as deadly version of the shotgun design. Likewise, succession in the rule of City State Chicago has evolved from warlords vying for office through hand-to-hand combat in octagonal pits.
  • Dark Age North America

    TRICKSTER / CHAOS & PLENTY (ORANGE/ BLUE / STRIPES) As the warlords dissolved with the formation of the Authority, costumes representing the most fearsome of these unsettling archetypes made their way into community plays. At one time used by the warlords to entertain coercion from weary travelers, they also were used to hide the identities of the criminals. In time, these characters were used by the Authority to inform children of inherent dangers outside the protection of the community zones.
  • Dark Age North America

    STORYTELLER’S DROPS (2035-2250) Before the chaos, most of the world’s libraries and archives had been converted into digital formats. Paper books became antiquated and though cherished by many, the production and distribution of book editions had diminished to a trickle and completely ceased more than a decade before the disruption. It is obvious to us now during the event of 2026, we lost nearly the entirety of human historical record.
  • Dark Age North America

    BATTLE FLAG / WARLORD ERA The people who became warlords were on top of the world just as it ended for completely random reasons. You might have been one if you were in their shoes at that moment. It was as though the world was one big musical chair game with only a few chairs left, the music stopped and a handful of the luckiest and toughest ruled the land for a short intense moment. Urban centers were a different matter altogether, where the influence of the warlords never left. Warlords were often those who had direct access to supplies, weapons, or had hoarded resources for trade.

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